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My Code of Ethics

  • The time for which you are paying me is yours and only yours.
    I will eliminate other distractions and focus on the set of problems you have entrusted to me.

  • I will always tell you the truth even when it hurts. It’s better for you to find out sooner than later.

  • I will try to accurately estimate time requirements when they are requested, but I will also qualify those estimates according to the level of additional research required and with knowledge of my own availability and optimism.

  •  I will keep you regularly updated on my progress. I will break down the elements of my accomplishments to whatever level of detail you require.

  • I will only perform work for which you have given your approval. However, I will actively look beyond the narrow limits of my project for opportunities and risks that you may have overlooked and bring those to your attention when I find them.

  • When I don’t know something, I won’t try to hide behind a facade of expertise. Instead, I’ll ask pertinent questions and (with your approval) conduct additional research.

  • I will do my best to share my knowledge, and make it as easy to understandable as possible.

  • If someone else is better qualified to handle an assignment, I’ll tell you. It’s more important for me to get the job done right than to hold onto a certain number of billable hours for myself.

  • My recommendations will be based on what I perceive to be best suited to your needs in the present and future. I will not let myself be unduly swayed by considerations of what technology is currently in fashion or is more interesting to me personally.

  • In short, I will treat you as I would like to be treated if I were your client.

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